Gaia Guardians Environment Trust

Gaia Guardians Environment Trust, AUSTRALIA, is a not for profit initiative dedicated to the preservation of ecological diversity on planet Earth. Our focus is on increasing awareness of human impact by shining a spotlight on how each one of us affects the well being of Planet Earth, including humans, animals and natural environments. Our intention is to assist people to understand how we can easily make a significant difference to the welfare of our shared home, by simply making informed choices. We demonstrate the importance of treating all animals, people and natural environments with love and respect. Through community based projects, we offer people an opportunity to learn how to look after our magnificent home, Earth, and assist individuals and communities to work towards sustainable living – for the sake of all of the inhabitants of our magnificent planet.

As Gaia Guardians, (Earth Guardians), we are a vehicle for raising and distributing funds to environmental organisations who are taking action on the front lines of saving our beautiful planet. We run community based programmes, workshops, information evenings and fundraising events in order to raise awareness and funds for legitimate, worthwhile environmental causes. Please contact us should you wish to be involved.


The objective of Intention Paradigm Shift is to promote awareness of how we are currently treating our home, Mother Earth, and how every single person can have an impact on the health of our planet – either positive or negative. Or intention is to help create a shift in the consciousness of people of the Earth so that we work in harmony with Mother Nature, not against her. In doing so, we encourage people to come from the heart when making decisions regarding how they live and treat each other, animals and the environment. We focus on empowering people to make informed choices regarding natural environments, the food they eat and how humans treat the many types of animals who also inhabit planet Earth. By working together, we provide opportunities to learn how to care for the Earth and each other.


As part of our commitment to wildlife, we offer refuge to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. We are registered foster carers with our mentors being WOMBARGO wildlife shelter at Cobbanah, Victoria.

If you would like to support the wonderful work of wildlife rehabilitators, please contact us and we will put you in contact with shelters. If you find injured/sick wildlife, please contact us and we can organise collection and care of the animal/s.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the many people involved who are contributing their expertise on a voluntary basis.


We intend to develop a network of private national parks, linking significant land types to existing parcels of land. Our focus is on creating sanctuaries for local native wildlife and creating places of reverence, beauty and peace. We have purchased the first parcel of magnificent land and look forward to extending this in the near future.

Thank you for your interest and support,



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