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From the hearts and hands of children from East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, we have created a magical book. Through their heartfelt visions and messages, our resourceful and inspiring youngsters reveal to us the future world they wish to create.  
OUR WORLD, OUR VOICE is the collective voice of many children. It is a vehicle for our children to tell us that "it is time for everyone to change the way we are treating our home, Planet Earth."
And so, “OUR WORLD, OUR VOICE” is born!

This is a 100% non-profit initiative.

One of the amazing things about our book, is that everything to date has been generously donated including:
1.  Text and illustrations - the children of Gippsland Grammar, Bairnsdale Campus and three home schooling children of Eagle Point.  You are an inspiring group of young people who have given us hope that Planet Earth indeed does have a future because it is in your capable hands!!

2. Photography and graphic design - Ian Hutton, (OAM), naturalist and curator of the Lord Howe Island Museum, has very generously donated his expertise and huge amounts of time in photographing the childrens illustrations and compiling their work into the form of a book. THANKS SO MUCH IAN - YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

3.  Dahlsens Building Centre, Bairnsdale, and Sunrise Rotary, Bairnsdale, have supported us financially, for which we are very grateful. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT.

4.  Jackie French, Australian Childrens Laureate, 2014/2015, has been exceptionally supportive and gracious in contributing a wonderful introduction for the childrens book. Thank you Jackie!!


Plastic is found on the beaches and floating in oceans and inland waterways. Plastic that is ingested  by sea birds, wrapped around the bodies of sea creatures, discarded and strewn to seep toxic chemicals into the earth. There are a growing number of highly respected scientists, environmentalists and every day people worldwide who understand the effects of this plastic who are working together to find solutions, for the sake of our sea creatures and human kind.

Our World, Our Voice, opens the hearts of many people so that they too join the growing movement of people who really care about the health of our home, planet Earth.


Please join with us – take the hands of our children and together let’s create a world where all people and creatures of the planet are treated with love and respect. Together we have the power to make the changes to create a brighter, happier and healthier world.

SO, here's how you can help us achieve our dream of a plastic and waste free world...
Help us spread the wisdom of our youth – buy a book and share the heartfelt visions and messages with your friends, family and the world!
PRICE:  $12.95 plus postage click here for order form.  Please copy the order form and send to Christine via email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  All orders will be sent once payment is made.
If you  are a business and would like to stock OUR WORLD, OUR VOICE, please  contact Christine  for prices.
If you are an environmental organisation that would like to  raise funds for your cause through book sales of OUR WORLD, OUR VOICE, please contact Christine for special prices!
Thank you for your interest and help in spreading the children’s ‘VOICE.’

OUR WORLD, OUR VOICE has been beautifully printed by a local printer EGEE Printers, in McLeod Street, Bairnsdale.  We have worked closely with Darren and his team to print the children’s book.  The paper used is certified carbon neutral.


  • BECAUSE we care about the water used to print our book
  • BECAUSE we care about the paper used to print our book
  • BECAUSE we care about the inks used to print our book
  • BECAUSE we care about the energy used to print our book
  • BECAUSE we care about creating the lowest footprint possible……,  we  have calculated the carbon created in the printing process and the children will plant 6 trees per tonne of carbon created.  The children are really showing us all how to take responsibility for our footprint on the planet.  

If you would like to be involved in this part of the project, please contact Christine …………


Our intention is that OUR WORLD, OUR VOICE is an integral part of the school curriculum.

We intend for OUR WORLD, OUR VOICE to reach as many people as possible and to create funds from book sales to donate to schools and groups making their own difference on the environmental front. Please contact Christine if you would like to stock this beautiful book……………..

We guarantee that we are putting the planet first. We know that we are a part of a worldwide movement of people, businesses and organisations that believe it is the "right" thing to do and the way of the future.


WILL YOU HELP US shine a light on this problem?

Our children show us that everyone of us is responsible for the plastic floating in our oceans, rivers and lakes and the widespread damage it is causing. Our wise and forward thinking youngsters truly know it is time to change the way we are treating planet Earth. Their text and illustrations come straight from their hearts and they speak directly to that part of us that also understands - they encourage us to face the problems and not simply look the other way any longer. These children help us find the courage to do what we know we need to - clean up our mess and change the way we treat the planet.

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